And Even Shall Come



When Kate Morrison, a young reporter, accidentally comes upon a U.S. Army camp in a desolate area of Nebraska, she is irritated and perplexed by the bizarre treatment she experiences. Kate, who dreams of writing for a major newspaper, investigates and is amazed that the army denies the existence of the camp. As she continues her investigation, she learns that the camp is actually an Al Qaeda operation manufacturing and distributing biological weapons to terrorist groups. Masterminded by a sinister Japanese who has compelled the acquiescence of a U.S. senator, the Al Qaeda carry out biological attacks around the world. Together with FBI Special Agent Matt O'eill, Kate forestalls a biological attack on the U.S. Capital, but the Nation is left in turmoil when a devastating anthrax attack on the auto show in New York City leaves thousands dead. Thousands flee the city in panic when a miniature nuclear bomb is planted in Grand Central Station. In this gripping tale Kate is kidnapped, experiences betrayal, and faces beheading by the Al Qaeda.

Stranger In Time



Stories about time travel, like H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, Michael Crichton's Timeline, and Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court have always fascinated sci-fi buffs.

As the American Revolution ends, Daniel Rowland, a young farmer from Connecticut, unwillingly travels through time to find himself in the 21st century. Bewildered and awed by the technology and lightning-pace of modern life, he is considered to be an imposter despite his familiarity with obscure details of colonial life. With his wife and unborn child in the distant past, Daniel seeks to learn the fate of his family and his farm. Befriended by a professor who eventually accepts his authenticity, Daniel experiences crime and medical problems. Legal complications arise when he tries to reclaim his farm lost in the intervening centuries, finally getting help from a present day descendent. Daniel finds love and comes to realize the basic values of society can coexist with technology.

Incidnt In Geneva



Charles Handler and his wife Carole are en route to Epernay, France when they decide to stop off in Geneva, Switzerland to visit the largest high-energy particle accelerator in the world. While in the collider’s tunnel, 574 feet below the surface, a freak accident hurls Charles into an alternate universe. He finds himself in what had been Connecticut, five centuries into the future.

Drastic climate changes with severe storms and rising sea levels have reduced available land for habitation and forced people to flee to higher ground. Charles learns that the people are survivors of a nuclear war and a worldwide pandemic. He finds that society, political structure, religion, and customs have all radically changed. Many of the social changes seem to be beneficial while others are baffling and difficult for him to accept until he learns that everyone has been genetically modified to eliminate aggressive behavior and greed. Marriage has been replaced by renewable contracts, and the family is no longer the basic unit of society.

Despairing of ever returning to his wife and family, Charles is accepted into the community and finds work where vegetables are processed into food. Charles falls in love with Lyn, a worker at the Comfort House, but is subsequently punished for his socially unacceptable actions. When an acquaintance is found murdered in his unit, Charles is a suspect, but he is eventually cleared of the charges. Finally elected to the Council, Charles introduces some changes that improve safety and working conditions. A warrant from the World Court leads to his arrest on charges of attempted manslaughter of the Human Race. After a hearing in Geneva, the charges are eventually dismissed, and he returns to Lyn. Charles has lived in the community for 20 years. He has friends, understands the people, and has the satisfaction of having subtly introduced some behavioral changes in the local population. He is content.

The Ebola Connection



Howard Frazer and his brother Frank take different paths to achieve their goals. Howard enlists in the U.S. Army and qualifies as a combat medic. He is wounded in an Iraqi ambush.

Frank hopes for financial success and manages to afford college. He finds a good position, but an episode of drunken driving causes the death of a little girl and lands him in prison.

Howard meets Cathy, his high school girlfriend, who confesses having a sexual episode with Frank. Howard feels anger and disgust at these revelations and vows never to see his brother again. His wounds end his career as a combat medic. News of the Ebola Pandemic raging in Africa presents another opportunity for him to be a medic. Howard flies to Liberia where he and Rory Donnelly, an Australian medic, confront the horrors of the disease for a year. Howard contracts Ebola and nearly dies. When he recovers, he accepts Rory's offer to return with him to Australia.

Frank regains his former position and marries only to lose his wife and baby in childbirth. The brothers have not spoken in years until a phone call from Australia informs Frank that Howard is gravely ill.




Marika, the child of a wealthy Jewish–Hungarian woman and an American movie distributor, starts life in Budapest when Hitler comes into power. Her early years are marked by parental neglect and her mother’s suicide. With the onset of World War II, she is orphaned and swept-up into the horrors of the Holocaust, enduring virulent anti-Semitism, near-starvation, and poisoning.

Braving capture, Marika delivers forged documents to Jews who have escaped from trains en route to death camps. Captured by the Hungarian Nazis, she awaits execution, but is liberated at the last moment by a Russian officer as the Germans flee the city.

Marika believes that the young man whom she loves has disappeared and at sixteen, decides to immigrate to the United States.

In America, Marika lives with a distant relative in New York City. After learning English, she enrolls in Vanderbilt University in Nashville. She continues in graduate school to earn a Ph.D. in psychology.

After post-graduate study and a position at a prominent hospital in Chicago, Marika’s work with children becomes recognized. She accepts a professorship at Harvard University and an important government position. Marika’s life is marred by a succession of hurtful marriages. She finally finds happiness on a visit to Budapest when she is reunited with the young man she loved years ago.

Bright Figures



A man hears his long dead father's voice on the phone. A hunter returns home to find himself in an alternate universe. A husband loses his shadow and perhaps his soul, and an anthropologist encounters live elves. These are some of the episodes in the twenty stories found here with unexpected conclusions, leaving the reader startled, amused, or to ponder for a moment or two...

The Biomedical Scientist as Expert Witness



This book provides the forensic microbiologist with the critical tools needed to make an effective courtroom appearance. Covering everything from the basics of the legal system and business aspect of being an expert witness to guidelines on behavior at deposition and in the courtroom, this is an intriguing how-to for anyone interested in entering the legal arena in this capacity.


The only publication of its kind specifically geared toward the microbiologist, this new guide will help readers hone important skills for productive utilization of expert knowledge in the courtroom. Drawing from the author’s experience, the book provides sample cases, covers depositions and trials, and presents sample reports and affidavits, in addition to offering a detailed explanation of civil proceedings.


Although the book is focused on the experience of a forensic microbiologist, The Biomedical Scientist as Expert Witness provides a general framework that is widely applicable to those in the biomedical sciences who are interested in participating as expert witnesses.

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